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Launch your app to the app stores.

Build your app with no-code and launch it to the app stores

4th of July

It's like Squarespace and Wix, but for mobile apps.

Make an app in minutes:​

  1. Try Onespot (1 min)

  2. Make a new Spot (30 sec)

  3. Add whatever content you want (10 min)

  4. Subscribe and publish (1 min)

  5. Tell all your friends! (3 min, I guess?)

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Make your app with Onespot

With Onespot, you can connect all your platforms and make your own screens for you app.

Subscribe and Publish

We go through the hassle of publishing your app for you. No developer accounts, no stress, just sit back and relax. Take 15 minutes to make your app and we'll publish it within a few weeks. No worries if you don't finish your app right away, you can always make changes later.

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Finish your app and launch

With Onespot, can change and update your app whenever you want. Take your time launching your app, sharing it with friends, and making all the content you want.

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Simple and Straight Forward

Powerful and Engaging

Intuitive and Flexible

Own your Marketing

Don't just take our word for it.

Here's what our customers say:

school smartphone app user reviews seabird apps

Why go mobile?

We live in a mobile-first world. Smartphones are the primary devices used by families to organize their work, home, and school lives. 


more web traffic comes from mobile than from desktop (TechJury)


of mobile users prefer apps over mobile sites. (MarketingDive)


more mobile time is spent in apps than on mobile web (MobiLoud)


of families below poverty level rely on mobile-only internet acces (DigitalEquity Learning)

4.2 hours

are spent per person in mobile apps every day (TechCrunch)


of American Adults own a smartphone (PewResearch)

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