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Since the beginning, we've focused on the user experience.

After years of testing and millions of data points, we have built the most intuitive design on the market.

Most app companies care more about their sales force than their products. We believe our product should sell itself.

We use powerful, cutting-edge technology, to solve your organizational headaches.


Hey there! 👋
We're Seabird Apps.

What can our apps do?

Don't settle for "features". Your community deserves superpowers.

Infinite push notifications.

Flexible, unlimited content.

Entirely customizable by user.

Built for communities and organizations of any size!

Beautiful, data-driven user experience.

Fully cross-platform.

No extra maintenance for you.

Loved by thousands.

Why go mobile?

4.2 hours per day are spent per person on their smartphone.

1.7X more online traffic comes from mobile devices than desktops, in the US.

9X more time is spent on mobile apps than on mobile websites.

20,000+ people use Seabird Apps products.

Our Mission

To provide the most

mobile app for everyone in your community

If you manage a group of people, you have a lot on your plate. Among a million other responsibilities, you must attract and retain members, manage communications and updates, engage donors, keep your community safe, and encourage your community members to stay engaged and organized. 

That's a lot of responsibility!

The good news is: That's exactly what you're best at.

The bad news is: Technology moves quickly, and it's a loss for everyone if you have to spend your time and resources keeping up with the trends, managing data privacy concerns, maintaining your online information, and wondering whether that schedule-change message you sent to members yesterday actually got delivered.

Everyone today spends a massive portion of their time on their smartphones. Many people find themselves frustrated while navigating mobile websites and searching Google for what they need, often wasting time and sometimes missing information altogether.
We're here to fix that. 

At Seabird Apps, we help people to leverage technology to bring superpowers to their communities. Seabird Apps began seven years ago as a couple of college roommates simply making apps for our own use. We were keenly aware of the difficulties in finding information online and we wanted to help ourselves and our friends stay organized. Since our founding, we have relentlessly focused on improving our product with customization, user profiles, push messaging, and so much more to ensure we offer the fastest and most powerful community-specific mobile app technology on the planet, including our unique no-code mobile app builder. We are loved by thousands of users around the world and we work every day to delight people with our collaborative energy and our user-first design philosophy.
We're excited to invite you along on our journey. Let's build your community an app you can be proud of!

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