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Connect with your customers

Engage them in an entirely new way with a custom mobile app.

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What do businesses love about us?

Targeted push notifications &
interactive banner messaging

Customizable user experience for all your loyal customers

Integrated website, social media pages, discount codes, event calendars, feedback forms, and more!

Detailed data analytics to help learn about your customers

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Instantly chat with any customer at any time

Make changes to your app right from your phone

Your customers should be at the center of your app.

Drive business and keep your loyal customers happy and informed.


Website Integration

Mobile First

Live Updates

User Groups

Manage and Create Content

Account Types

Upload Content

Robust Security

App Design


Affordable prices designed for exponential growth.



Everything you need to manage your small business and drive sales

Features Included:

✓ Mobile app listed within Onespot Cross-platform app

✓ Unlimited content and updates

✓ Unlimited targeted push notifications

✓ Unlimited direct chat messages

✓ Unlimited banner messages

✓ Unlimited app managers

✓ Access to Onespot Web

✓ Integrated calendars and scheduling

✓ POS and Website integrations

✓ Personalized layout by member type

White Glove


A magical toolbox to engage your customers like never before

Features Included:

Everything in DIY plus:

✓ App built by Onespot Certified builder

✓ Standalone mobile app and logo listed on iOS & Android app stores

✓ Native 1-1 chat capabilities

✓ Google Suite integrations

✓ Locked account types and content

✓ Onboarding sessions & support

Want a Onespot Website?

 Looking for a website mobile app combo? Let's chat about what that looks like!

All Plans Include:

Why do I need a mobile app?

We now live in a mobile-first world and historically, consumers spend more on mobile devices.


more web traffic comes from mobile than from desktop (TechJury)


more mobile time is spent in apps than on mobile web (MobiLoud)

4.2 hours

are spent per person in mobile apps every day (TechCrunch)

Screenshot 2022-03-14 132030_iphone13prographite_portrait.png

Generated an extra $44k of sales in 12 months because of a mobile app.

Our technology is driven by data and happy customers.

Since the beginning, we've focused on the user experience.

After years of testing and millions of data points, we have built the most intuitive design on the market.

Most app companies care more about their sales force than their products. We believe our product should sell itself.

We use powerful, cutting-edge technology, to solve your organizational headaches, drive dollars in the door, and give you powerful analytics to keep your customers happy.

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