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Make your community
a mobile app

in 15 minutes, with no code, right from your phone.

make a spot_iphone13blue_portrait_iphone13blue_portrait.png
make a spot_iphone13blue_portrait_iphone13blue_portrait.png

It's like Squarespace and Wix, but for mobile apps.

Make an app in 15 minutes:​

  1. Download Onespot (1 min)

  2. Make a new Spot (30 sec)

  3. Add whatever content you want (10 min)

  4. Press "publish" (30 sec)

  5. Tell all your friends! (3 min, I guess?)


Simple and Straightforward

Easily connect all your community's information in a custom mobile app. 



Native App Interaction

User Friendly

 Calendar and Scheduling


Robust Security

make a spot_iphone13blue_portrait_iphone13blue_portrait.png

Intuitive and Flexible 

Our apps are real, native mobile apps. Everything is mobile-first so you can make changes at any time, wherever you are.


Upload Content

Custom Design

Realtime Updates

Custom Configurations

Manage and Create Content

make a spot_iphone13blue_portrait_iphone13blue_portrait.png

Powerful and Engaging 

Engage your members like never before with insanely powerful tools. Save time and money by streamlining communication.

User Groups

All Members

Account Types

Unlimited Push Notifications

Two-way Chat

Banner Messages

make a spot_iphone13blue_portrait_iphone13blue_portrait.png

Don't just take our word for it.

Here's what our customers say:

And here's what end users of our apps say:

school smartphone app user reviews seabird apps

Since the beginning, we've focused on the user experience.

After years of testing and millions of data points, we have built the most intuitive design on the market.

Most app companies care more about their sales force than their products. We believe our product should sell itself.

We use powerful, cutting-edge technology, to solve your organizational headaches.

Why Seabird Apps?

Why go mobile?

4.2 hours per day are spent per person on their smartphone.

1.7X more online traffic comes from mobile devices than desktops, in the US.

9X more time is spent on mobile apps than on mobile websites.

20,000+ people use Seabird Apps products.

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