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Affordable & Powerful

A custom school mobile app your community will actually use.
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Our Clients Say

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"This just makes it easier in a world where schools are typically using 2 to 10 different applications... As we end up with more and more online tools and more and more online ways of communicating, there’s really something to having one central place to collect it all."

Tim S. | President of the Montessori Foundation

Centralize and streamline all critical school-related information.

Streamline your communication and centralize everything in one spot. Reduce calls to the office and keep all your school's information available for quick access in one convenient location.

Reduce Calls 

Keep Members Informed

Keep Members Engaged

Streamline Communication

Understand your Community

Manage User Groups

Powerful and Engaging

Engage your members like never before with insanely powerful tools. Our app solves the problems you care about and saves time and money by streamlining communication. 

Integrate with all your existing platforms

School administrators juggle countless different technologies to support their community. Websites, text-messaging platforms, educational apps, student information systems, learning management systems—the list goes on and on!


A school mobile app organizes all these platforms into one central location, while also streamlining school communication to the device that parents, students, and staff use most often—their phones.


Your community wants your school to have an app too.


"It prevents a lot of phone calls from families calling the school. It is amazing. I love it."

"The app has been incredible. We're so impressed with how easy it's been to use and how we've had virtually zero issues. (No glitches and it's never been 'down.') Parents (and students!) have loved being able to access information and we've been updating it constantly with pictures. Needless to say, we're very happy!"


"The app is wonderful!! So easy. It will keep me so organized."

"I love the app. I love that I can have access to everything right there at my fingertips."

"I hopped on last night and I LOVE it! It's easy to navigate and read. l'lI be sure to spread the word!!!"

Teachers & Staff

"It is super user-friendly, especially compared to some other options that I work with on a daily basis still."

"Your app was a lifesaver this week! Our school was hit by lightning and we lost power and internet and phones! We needed to message our families and dismiss the school, in the dark, in the middle of a storm. Working with hotspots and flashlights we were able to use the banner push alert, in RED, to get the message out. 250 children were dismissed within a few hours. Thank you!"


Own your school marketing

While websites are important, having a mobile app can increase prospective students. A beautiful mobile app gives your school legitimacy in the fact that your families can rest easy knowing all their school information is in Onespot.

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School communities love us!

And here's what end users of our apps say:

school smartphone app user reviews seabird apps

And best of all...

Clear, affordable pricing for every school size.


Per enrolled student, per year

Calculate your cost

All-inclusive features:


✓ Mobile app listed on iOS & Android app stores

✓ Unlimited users (parents, staff, alumni, etc.)

✓ Unlimited content and updates

✓ Unlimited targeted push notifications

✓ Unlimited direct chat messages

✓ Unlimited app managers

✓ Full access to Onespot Web

✓ Native 1-1 chat capabilities

✓ Integrated calendars and scheduling

✓ Google Suite integrations

✓ Curriculum app and LMS connections

✓ Personalized layout by member type

✓ Onboarding sessions & full support

What does the process look like?

Step 1: Schedule a custom demo

Set up a quick video call with one of our consultants. During that call, you will be able to try and see a custom app that is specific to your school!

Step 2: Build it and feedback

As soon as you’ve given us the green light, we will put the finishing touches on your app and make sure that all the information you you want is in the app.

Step 3: Final Test and Onboarding

When your app is complete, we will share it with you and anyone else you’d like to have it. We will then schedule another video call to answer any questions that you might have and review the tools of the app. 

Step 4: Release it

After the final review, we will publish your app to the Apple App Store and Android Google Play store so that any student, alum, faculty member, prospective student, or other member of your school’s community can download and use it for free.

Step 5: Love it

Our work doesn’t end after it’s published. We will help with the onboarding process whether its sending QR codes, fliers or anything else you might need. We’ll stay in close contact with you to ensure you have the best possible experience. Looking for additional analytics?  We’re here for you.

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Want a Onespot Website?

Looking for a website mobile app combo?

Let's chat about what that looks like!

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