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We're on a mission to forever change how mobile apps are made.


It's really hard to make a mobile app.

99% of people don't know how to code, and existing app builders are so painful for anyone who's non-technical. Those app builders are technically "no-code", but in reality you need to know things like variables, loops, and databases in order to make your app actually functional.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

In the early 2000s, it used to be really hard to make websites until Wix and Squarespace came along and made it simple.

We're doing to mobile apps what Wix & Squarespace did to websites.


We go to outrageous lengths and build insanely difficult things (a phone-based drag-and-drop editor, instant over-the-air updates, one-click app store publishing), all so that you can have a delightful experience.

With Onespot, you can make, publish, and manage your organization's mobile app as easily as you made its Instagram profile—all in minutes, right from your phone.

So far, thousands of people from 125+ countries have made apps on Onespot for their small businesses, organizations, and other communities.


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Our Team.

You're in good hands. Our co-founders have been close friends for over a decade and have been building mobile apps together for most of that time.

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CEO, co-founder

Sean Cann

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CFO, co-founder

Tyler Fisher

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COO, co-founder

Samuel Buchanan

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Product Designer

Erh Chien Chen

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