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Connect with your customers

with a custom-branded mobile app.

Loved by thousands of businesses & organizations worldwide.

Why Onespot mobile apps?

Simple and Straightforward

Easily connects all your company's information, websites, products, forms, links, and anything else you can think of.

Intuitive and Flexible

With Onespot, can also make changes right from the app itself with no code. Our apps are intuitively mobile-first so you can make changes and send out communications at any time with a push of a button, wherever you are.

Powerful and Engaging

Engage your customers like never before with insanely powerful tools. Effortlessly build a strong relationship with your loyal customers and grow your sales.

Power your business  with Onespot

Build a stronger relationship with your customers through the device they use most often—their phone. Send targeted push notifications & interactive banner messages. Instantly chat one-on-one with your customers to provide unbelievable customer service and drive sales. Integrate your website, social media pages, discount codes, event calendars, feedback forms, and more. Get data analytics to learn more about your customers. And so much more!

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Own your company's marketing

While websites are important, having a mobile app can increase engagement with your customers and increase sales. A beautiful mobile app helps you stand out online, grows your digital presence, and helps you strengthen your relationship with your most loyal customers.

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Designed to impress

Don't settle for mediocre. All our Onespot mobile apps come with powerful member-centered features built in. Impress your customers and stand out from the competition with features like custom layouts, push notifications, and seamless integration with all your existing sites and systems. Take your business to the next level.

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Businesses who use Onespot

Restaurant Table


From lawn care companies to automotive detailers, a mobile app connects you to your customers.

Candles & Plants


Coffee shops, jewelry stores, boutique markets, and more all grow their online presence with a mobile app.

Business Team


VC firms, real estate agents, and consultants all love the ease of streamlined client communications.

Why go mobile?

We live in a mobile-first world. Reach your customers on the device they use most. 


more web traffic comes from mobile than from desktop (TechJury)


more mobile time is spent in apps than on mobile web (MobiLoud)

4.2 hours

are spent per person in mobile apps every day (TechCrunch)


of mobile users prefer apps over mobile sites. (MarketingDive)


of families below poverty level rely on mobile-only internet acces (DigitalEquity Learning)


of American adults own a smartphone (PewResearch)

Join the thriving community of business
on Onespot!

And here's what end users of our apps say:

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