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Connecting Montessori Schools

with custom-branded mobile apps and Montessori resources.


In proud partnership with:

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Centralize and streamline all critical school-related information.

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Tim S.
President of the
Montessori Foundation

"This just makes it easier in a world where schools are typically using 2 to 10 different applications... As we end up with more and more online tools and more and more online ways of communicating, there’s really something to having one central place to collect it all."

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Amy O.
Executive Director
of a Montessori School

"It was a no-brainer to sign up, and then we were immediately thankful when we did it... For engagement, I just think it just makes life easier. And when it’s easier for the parents, or the staff, or whatever, then they engage more with the school."

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Jessica L.
Director of Operations
at a Montessori School

"Everything [parents] need is right there, instead of going to 3 or 4 different apps on their phone... They just go to one app and it’s all there."

Simple and Straightforward

Easily connects all your school's information, curriculum apps, and LMS into a custom mobile app. 

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Intuitive and Flexible 

Like most apps out there, you can make changes from your laptop. But unlike any others, you can also make changes right from the app itself. Our apps are intuitively mobile-first so you can make changes and send out communications at any time with a push of a button, wherever you are.

Powerful and Engaging 

Engage your members like never before with insanely powerful tools. Our app solves the problems you care about and saves time and money by streamlining communication. 

Reduce Calls 

Reduce calls to the office and keep all your school's information available for quick access in one convenient location. 

Keep Members Informed

Post banner messages in seconds to let people know exactly what's going on.

Keep Members Engaged

Users can personalize their in-app experience, ensuring information is specific to them.

Streamline Communication

Send targeted push notifications to ensure important messages are always seen.

Understand your Community

Have 1-on-1 chats with members to get instant feedback from your community.

Manage User Groups

Organize and keep track of all segments of your community right from your phone or computer. 

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Montessorians love us!

But don't take our word for it.


And best of all...

Clear, affordable pricing for every school size.


Per enrolled student, per year

School administrators are busy enough. Why waste time trying to figure out pricing, get quotes, and wait for "budget season." With Onespot, you get pricing up front so you can spend time doing the what's important—running your school!

Calculate your cost

Partnership Discount

Looking for more? With our preferred partner program, new customers can get record keeping, classroom management and lesson planning at a reduced cost!


Why go mobile?

We live in a mobile-first world. Smartphones are the primary devices used by families to organize their work, home, and school lives. 


more web traffic comes from mobile than from desktop (TechJury)


of mobile users prefer apps over mobile sites. (MarketingDive)


more mobile time is spent in apps than on mobile web (MobiLoud)


of families below poverty level rely on mobile-only internet acces (DigitalEquity Learning)

4.2 hours

are spent per person in mobile apps every day (TechCrunch)


of American Adults own a smartphone (PewResearch)

Still have questions?

Check out our FAQ forum to learn more about the app process, managing your app, and even how long it takes to launch.

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