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your members

in an entirely new way with a custom mobile app.


Your community members are at the center of your app.

But don't just take our word for it.

We solve the problems you care about.


"Members are always calling the office for information on something."

Solution: Keep all your community's information available for quick access in one convenient location. 

Reduce wasted time

"People always miss my emails."

Solution: Send targeted push notifications to ensure important messages are always seen.

Streamline Communication

"I don't have anywhere to post important information/updates."

Solution: Post banner messages in seconds to let people know exactly what's going on.

Keep members informed

"I wish I knew what would encourage better attendance."

Solution: Integrate quick in-app surveys to get instant feedback from your community.  

Better understand your community

Make Donating Easier

Solution: Integrate your organization's donate platform right into the app.

"Donations have gone down in the last 2 years"

"I feel like I don't know what's going on in my community." 

Solution: Users can personalize their in-app experience, ensuring information is specific to them.

Keep members engaged

Website Integration

Mobile First

Live Updates

User Groups

Manage and Create Content

Account Types

Upload Content

Robust Security

App Design


Affordable prices for all community sizes.



Everything you need to organize and engage your community built by you

Features Included:

✓ Mobile app listed on iOS & Android app stores within Onespot

✓ Unlimited content and updates

✓ Unlimited targeted push notifications

✓ Unlimited banner messages

✓ Unlimited app managers

✓ Access to Onespot Web

✓ Integrated calendars and scheduling

✓ Personalized layout by member type

✓ Onboarding session

White Glove


A magical toolbox to engage your members like never before wit. 

Features Included:

Everything in Growth plus:

✓ App built by Onespot Certified builder

✓ Standalone mobile app and logo listed on iOS & Android app stores

✓ Google Suite integrations

✓ Locked content and account types

✓ Native 1-1 chat capabilities

✓ Onboarding sessions & support

✓ Unlimited direct chat messages


Want More?

Looking for a website + mobile app combo?

Looking for full service marketing solutions?

Ask us about Onespot Websites or our partnership with On Fire Media and

All Plans Include:

What does the process look like?

Step 1: Schedule a custom demo

Set up a quick video call with one of our consultants. During that call, you will be able to try and see a custom app that is specific to your organization! 

Step 2: Build it and feedback

As soon as you’ve given us the green light, we will put the finishing touches on your app and make sure that all the information you want is in the app.

Step 3: Final Test and Onboarding

When your app is complete, we will share it with you and anyone else you’d like to have it with. We will then schedule another video call to answer any questions that you might have and review the tools of the app. 

Step 4: Release it

After the final review, your app will be published on  both the Apple App Store and Android Google Play store either within Onespot or as a standalone. 

Step 5: Love it

Our work doesn’t end after it’s published. We will help with the onboarding process whether it's sending QR codes, fliers, or anything else you might need. We’ll stay in close contact with you to ensure you have the best possible experience. Looking for additional analytics?  We’re here for you.

Why go mobile?

We now live in a mobile-first world.


more web traffic comes from mobile than from desktop (TechJury)


more mobile time is spent in apps than on mobile web (MobiLoud)

4.2 hours

are spent per person in mobile apps every day (TechCrunch)

What can our apps do?

Don't settle for "features". Your community deserves superpowers.

Infinite push notifications.

Flexible, unlimited content.

Entirely customizable by user.

Built for communities and organizations of any size!

Beautiful, data-driven user experience.

Fully cross-platform.

No extra maintenance for you.

Loved by thousands.

Since the beginning, we've focused on the user experience.

After years of testing and millions of data points, we have built the most intuitive design on the market.

Most app companies care more about their sales force than their products. We believe our product should sell itself.

We use powerful, cutting-edge technology, to solve your organizational headaches.

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